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Updated 7th February 2021

Applications are open for two new positions at Baw Baw Food Hub

As part of a large and exciting project with the Open Food Network, Baw Baw Food Hub will welcome two new Regional Food Activation Officers to join our team. The people who are appointed for these roles will be values-driven, proactive, entrepreneurial, creative, adaptable and technically-savvy.

There are a range of relevant skills and capacities, which include:

A range of relevant skills and capacities include

  • strong practical and manual skills
  • experience in stock management
  • friendly and engaging customer support skills
  • experience in project and partnership management
  • vision and strategic planning
  • communications and marketing
  • human resources and event management
  • development of policies and procedures

Knowledge and existing relationships within the local food system will be looked upon very favourably

Click below for links to general information and the role description

General information

Role description

NOTE: Applications are made through Sidekicker


  • Applying for subscription is a separate process to ordering through the Open Food Network, which is an external host for our online shop.
  • New subscriptions are currently open - see link below.

More information can be obtained from our latest newsletter in the newsletter archive.

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