Questions Answered

We've done our best to answer any questions you might have, but it you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page.

  • Signing Up
    • What’s in the box?
      Veggies! The contents of the boxes changes weekly, so we send out a rough idea of what sort of veggies will be in the boxes in our newsletter each week. You can signup to our newsletter on the home page, and you can check out our archives for past newsletters.
    • What sizes can I choose from? How much are they?
      We offer three sizes of veggie boxes: Small ($25), Medium ($35) and Large ($50). These prices are for casual (one-off) boxes. We discount these prices by $3.00 for regular customers (ie. those who subscribe for a weekly or fortnightly box).
    • How can I order a casual (one-off) veggie box?
      For those who require flexibility, and therefore cannot commit to collecting a veggie box on weekly or fortnightly basis, we offer 'casual' boxes which can be ordered from our online shop as required.
    • I can’t/don’t eat [insert vegetable]. Can I customise the contents of my box?
      Yes. While we don’t alter the contents of your individual box (this saves us time and keeps the cost of the box down), you are very welcome to use the swap table to tweak the contents of your box each week if required. We want to be sure that you go home with veggies that you like!
    • How do I join?
      To subscribe for a weekly or fortnightly for a box: fill out the online sign-up form. This guarantees you a box for each week, allows you to order through our online shop, and to participate in various offers and events throughout the year. If you are after a casual box instead, head to our online shop between Wednesday morning and Sunday midday.
    • What are the benefits of subscribing for a weekly or fortnightly box?
      The most popular option for our veggie lovers is to subscribe for a regular box on a weekly or fortnightly basis. There are three benefits to this: 1) We reduce the price of your box each week or fortnight by $3.00 (after you have received your fourth box). 2) You don’t need to remember to order your box each week/fortnight, we just keep packing them for you until you tell us to stop. 3) Your commitment helps us maintain steady demand for local produce, which provides stability for farmers and makers in your community.
    • I think I chose the wrong box size, can I switch?
      Of course! You can always let us know of any changes you would like to make to your box size up until the cut-off time each week, which is Sunday at midday. Just send an email through to and we will gladly make the adjustments you require. Make sure you let us know whether the change is a one-off for the current week or a permanent change to your box size/frequency.
  • Cancellations and uncollected boxes
    • I don’t want a box any more, how do I cancel my box permanently?
      If you would like to cancel your box permanently you can do this at any time by sending us an email, as long as we know by Sunday midday on the week that you would like to cancel.
    • I will be away for a week (or two), what should I do?
      Our preferred option is always that you please organise a friend or family member to collect your box when you are not able to. We understand that this is not always possible so we can accept requests to temporarily suspend your subscription up until the Sunday midday cut-off time. You can suspend your subscription for up to four consecutive boxes. You will be charged a $3 suspension administration fee when you collect your next box at the end of the suspension. If you need to suspend your subscription, you must let us know via email before Sunday midday. Any boxes cancelled after this time may be charged a $5 unpack fee, except in the case of an unforeseeable emergency.
    • I forgot to collect my box!
      Please get in touch with us as soon as possible, chances are we have been trying to call or text you. You can get a hold of Janette on 0498 043 433. If we have not heard from you by 5pm on Thursday, we may unpack your box. If you let us know by Thursday, you will be able to collect your box on Friday or Saturday. Unpacking your box will attract a $5 unpack fee when you next collect items at the Food Hub. We are a non-profit and cannot afford to cover the administrative cost associated with uncollected boxes. We hope you can understand our position.
  • At The Hub (What do I do?!?)
    • Step 1. Return your empty crate from the previous week.
      There is a pallet for empty crates to your left as you walk in the door. :)
    • Step 2. Collect your box
      Our three box sizes are situated in different parts of the hub, and are sign posted. If you are unsure which size you ordered, please check with us first. Every single box has a home, so if you take the wrong size then someone else misses out. If you are taking home a small box, please BYO bag/cardboard box, and leave the wooden box here - they are not to leave the hub.
    • Step 3. Collect a bunch of Greens
      Generally speaking, all boxes include bunch of greens every week. You can select which variety you would like from the greens table on the left hand wall as you are facing the rear of the hub.
    • Step 5. Collect any extras you have pre-ordered
      The pre-ordered extras shelf is located on the right hand wall as you are facing the rear of the hub. We will pack any extras you have ordered into a box with your name and a list of your item on it. If you have any refrigerated items, be sure to collect these from the pre-orders fridge!
    • Step 7. Head to the checkout and pay for your goodies!
      We accept payment with cash or card (Mastercard, Visa, Debit).
    • Step 4. Use the swap table if you would like to
      Are there a few things in the box that you can’t eat or grow yourself? We have a swap table for that! It’s located in the middle of the hub. Use the swap guide to determine an appropriate swap, or ask one of us if you need a hand. We’re here to help.
    • Step 6. Grab any other fruit, vegetables or extras you would like to purchase
      Did you forget to pre-order? No worries! We have a wide range of extras available to purchase on the spot including yoghurt, honey, bread, butter, berries, dry goods (rice, lentils, flour, etc.), nut butters and more. Not to mention a wide array of vegetables and fruit to top up and extend your box.Anything that you can see is available to purchase (expect the swap table and pre-orders section). We are now open 5 days so you can come and do regular shops to meet your fresh food needs during the week.
  • Our Produce
    • Where does the produce come from?
      We source seasonal vegetables as locally as we possibly can which usually means they are grown in Gippsland. At certain times of the year (esp. late winter, early spring) we currently need to source some produce from further away. Our goal is to support more local growers to help us source locally all year round. If you have questions about the provenance of a particular vegetable, ask away!
    • Is it all organic?
      All vegetables are certified organic, except where they are sourced from some of our trusted smaller local growers. The Baw Baw Food Hub believes strongly in the value of organic certification, but also recognises that the administrative and financial burden of maintaining certification can be prohibitive for smaller growers. The vast majority of the other produce we stock is certified, though we do stock some non-organic food produced very locally. We do our best to label everything as organic or otherwise but we do occasionally miss things. If you are concerned and are unsure about a particular product, please ask us!