The Invy Baker

Baker Grego has been a professional chef for 25 years, growing up in Granada in southern Spain. After meeting his wife Hanna, Grego relocated to Melbourne before moving to Inverloch where his family has been based for almost a decade. Grego and Hanna have two kids, Leo and Amalia.

During a recent one-year sabbatical with his family in southern Sweden, Grego did an intensive apprenticeship with one of Sweden’s leading bakers. Grego learnt the art of sourdough baking and the delicate skills involved in baking Swedish buns. The Invy Baker, a micro-bakery in the heart of Inverloch, is the result!

Invy Baker Cart.png

How long have you been supplying the hub and what did you do before this business?

Since May 2021, I started the microbakery in August 2020. I was a chef for over 20 years before that.

What does a day on in your business look like?

I start baking at 4:30am and then my day is busy with deliveries and making dough and buns for the next baking day.

What are you doing when you're not busy with your business?

I enjoy the simple things in life with my wife and two kids. We love spending time at the beach and playing with our new groodle puppy, Ollie.

Why is local, fresh, organic food important to you?

I think bread is a staple that is often sadly over-processed. I would love to see more microbakeries popping up to ensure that every community has access to fresh bread made with sustainable or organic Australian flours and free of unnecessary additives and stabilisers.

What have been some positive experiences dealing with the food hub?

I love the food hub! Great people, great produce, the people of Warragul are lucky to have you!

What do you love about where you work?

My bakery is at home! I love the view I have of my garden and the time it allows me to spend with family.

Can you tell us about any innovative ecological practices you have successfully implemented in your business?

I have an electric cargo delivery bike, I use certified sustainable and organic flours in all my products and don't use any plastic in my packaging. I also only bake to order to avoid food wastage.

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